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The Bump {Maternity}

“Its time to capture and document this special time when this teeny little new life is forming inside you.”

The best time to schedule a maternity photo shoot is when the belly is large, but not in the “Oh-My!!!!!!! I Think The Baby Is Coming Stage!” This is typically done between months 7 and 8. We like to avoid month 9 altogether because you don’t know if the baby will decide to make an early appearance.

Rachel & Michael offer Maternity sessions at either one of their special locations or a special location of your choice. This session typically last about an hour or two.

” What should I wear?” ……..

The clothes that you wear during your session will play a vital role in how you feel during the shoot and about your photographs. We really want to show off your beautiful form, so choose a few outfits that accentuate your beautiful body! I love form fitting crop tops, and long flowing maxi dresses. You can choose your favorite maternity outfit, but solid colors work best. As far as specific colors, it is completely up to you.

“The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.”

 {Pamper Yourself Because You Deserve It} }

 I would suggest pampering yourself before your session. Get your hair and nails done or take a relaxing bubble bath. Put aside a few hours for yourself to just relax and feel fabulous. The best photographs are created when expectant mothers are relaxed, feel confidant, and are able to just be themselves during the session. This day will be special and fun for you.

 Here are a few suggestions {Depending on the style you are going for}

**** NOTE: Some {Gowns} shown on my site are from www.sewtrendyaccessories.com and www.etsy.com. May I suggest this???? Absolutely!!!


 {Belly Cast} with a Mini Photo Session

“I feel HUGE!!!!”…………. Lets {Cast that Baby Bump}! This is a great way to look back after you deliver your little miracle and remember what you have carried for 9 months!!! The cast can be used for your newborn session, or an art piece to be displayed on the wall.


TeenyBeanies {Newborns}

“Love at First Site”….

Newborn sessions typically last 2-3 1/2 hours and are for infants less than ten days old. These sessions are either in the comfort of your own home or in the In-Home Studio of Rachel & Michael. We often book several weeks in advance. ITS VITAL to photograph newborns between 5-10 days of birth. Later than 2 weeks old, the baby will have grown considerably since birth. Not only will they be losing the “newborn look”, they become much more reactive to “Posing” and less calm during the session.

*We will provide props, hats, blankets, and materials; feel free to bring any little hats for your newborn that you may want the baby to be photographed in. I always tell my clients to go on Etsy.com. They have many beautiful things for newborns to be photographed in.  * This is not a requirement, so don’t worry.

“What should I bring/have?”…..

• Extra Change of clothes {Its almost impossible to avoid teeny accidents with a newborn}

• Extra wet wipes and diapers

*When considering Teeny Beanie Photography please inquire in advance of your desired date. The best time to contact me for a newborn session is before you have your baby, so we can schedule a time around your due date. Once your bundle of joy arrives, we will figure out the best time to schedule your session. *



  Its My B-Day {Smash the cake}

Keep Calm, I’m turning ONE”……

Its time to get messy and have a lot of fun!!! This is a great way to capture your baby having the time of his or her life by playing and completely destroying their very own birthday cake! This is a great session to book for customize birthday announcements and thank you cards. This session usually takes about an hour.

(The Birthday Cake must be provided)


  Just because… {Milestone Session}

Perfect for baby milestones (sitting, standing etc) or just getting updated portraits of your little ones!